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The Top 4 Types of HR Tools You Need to Know

Updated: 3 days ago

I. Recruiting Tools

Recruiting tools are also known as ATS, which stands for applicant tracking system. What it means is that it helps you keep track of the people you are interviewing for a particular role. A lot of them come with extra functionalities like reportings that tell you how fast you are closing your positions for example. They might also have fancy LinkedIn plug-ins that allow you to import any candidate you sourced via that platform. The best in the business currently are Greenhouse and Lever. They come in at a higher price tag, but are worth every buck if you are looking for a sophisticated recruiting set-up that prioritizes automations and insight-driven sourcing. If you are looking for something more affordable you might want to go for an HRIS that already has an ATS included in it. BambooHR and Personio both offer such.

II. Employee Data Management Tools

Next, we have employee data management tools, also known as HRIS, Human Resource Information Systems. Innovative tools such as BambooHR and Personio focus on digitising and automating core People Operations processes such as offering fully digital employee files, electronic contract signing, time-off management and even automated preboarding. Companies starting at the size of around 1.000 plus will usually want to go for Workday if they are looking for the best in the game.

III. Performance Management Tools

Once you have figured out your recruitment and employee data management you can stop there but don’t have to. Especially companies that value their team members and want to invest in their development, e.g. through performance reviews, will soon hit the limits of their excel sheets and google forms. And that is where tools such as Leapsome and Small Improvements come in handy. They provide a space where team members and managers can submit feedback on themselves and each other as part of a performance review, for example. The advantage over not using a tool is that they automate otherwise heavily time-consuming processes such as kicking off the review cycle, sending reminders to users and tracking responses. Leapsome has done an especially impressive job in adding additional functionalities to their offerings such as goal tracking and survey management making them the number one one-stop-shop for your performance and culture needs.

IV. Culture Tools

On top of enabling a performance culture, it has also become very evitable in the past few years that founders want their companies to be associated with a positive company culture. And the easiest way to get an insight into how happy your employees are, apart from engaging with them directly, is to ask them through a survey. And that is where culture tools such as Culture Amp come into play. Culture Amp doesn’t only bring automated survey management to the table but above all expertise in people analytics. They provide ready-to-use templates that will help you hit the ground running.

Of course there are many other types of HR tools that are also highly relevant. There are online learning platforms such as elearnio and personal training applications such as CoachHub that can help you give your employees the best employee experience you possibly can. Which tools you end up going for depends very much on your own preferences and needs.

To help you along the way, reach out for a free consultation. I am excited to go on this tool landscaping journey with you.

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