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'Zwischen Home Office und Remote Unternehmenskultur'

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'More Beach Meetings' - Podcast by Surf Office

Clubhouse chat with Eva Stock, Jan Gröger and myself on how remote work has changed the challenges HR faces. 

Check out this discussion with Carson Sweezy from Surf Office about remote work, company culture and hiring.

Learn how to build a high-performance Startup Culture with this Playbook -

Sharing my experience at The Family on how to build high-performance cultures.

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What I learned about building effective People Operations teams. Hosted by The Family.

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Find out how I first started out and what I do in my day-to-day as VP People at


The ultimate guide to creating a great Onboarding experience by Joanna Sides


I thoroughly enjoyed participating at this fantastic panel on empowering women in workplace hosted by GoEuro.


'Company culture goes beyond fun perks and snacks'

Discussing the importance of company culture when growing organisations at this Surf Office event hosted by Zalando.

Inspirational panel discussion with executive coach Claudia Braun and serial entrepreneur Jan Miczaika on the importance of feedback. Hosted by Leapsome.

Great blogpost on the podcast with Carson Sweezy from Surf Office and myself sharing how we do things at Billie.