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4 Key Ingredients to HR Tool Landscaping

Updated: Feb 18

Getting HR tool landscaping right will not only ensure the best employee and HR user experience but also ensure you spend your money right as they can be pricey especially once your company starts growing. Here are the four key things to keep in mind to make sure that whatevery tools you pick for your company you get the most out of them.

# 1 Integrations

Make sure your tools integrate with each other, meaning they will be able to ‘speak’ to each other, so to say. This will avoid you having to manually add, edit and remove each employee manually in each tool. Instead, they will automatically share that information with each other. This will save you hours in admin work each month.

# 2 Just Enough

Make sure not to get too many tools. Why? Apart from the additional costs - each tool will require you to pay a monthly fee per user which usually ranges from 3€ - 15€ depending on the tool - employees will also need to familiarise themselves with each tool. The fewer they have to ‘learn’ the better they will be at using them; that at least is the hope.

# 3 Not Too Few

On the flipside, do not be stingy with the tools either. Way too many startups stick to excel sheets for way too long, wasting too many hours on manually managing their HR processes. This is not only time consuming but even worse, highly error-prone. That is why a highly reliable and highly functional tool can make a big difference in your business.

# 4 Continuous Improvement

Pick the tool that has kept developing its features over the past few years. It is better to invest in a tool that is only 80% there this year but will keep iterating to meet my needs than an alternative that hits your needs 100% now but 0% in the future because they forgot to evolve. BambooHR and Leapsome have done a terrific job at this.

Looking to implement new or switch HR tools? Check out my offerings and get in touch for a quote.

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