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Coaching Services

While tools are an important part of every professional HR setup, selecting the right software for your specific use case can be a daunting task. Our experts have seen dozens of tools come and go and support you with finding the right one for every task.


After understanding your specific goals, our implementation experts will guide you through the tool selection process, making sure you have found the perfect fit for your industry, size and budget requirements.


They’ll then set up individual workshops and training sessions to implement the tool of your choice specifically for your use case, following current implementation best-practices and will teach your team the ins and outs of the best-in-class workflows built on top of each tool.


Get it right from the get-go and book a free consultation call with your personal implementation expert now!

Coaching Services
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HR Coaching

Learn the ins-and-outs of HR whether you are new to the field or have already gained some experience. You will be have access to 8+ years of experience in HR at Google, SoundCloud and startups across all industries. 

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Starting Your
Own Business

 Fast-track your success and learn what you need to know about German bureaucracy, figure out your USP and how to sell it successfully and how to gain traction in a competitive environment.

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Career Coaching

Ever wondered what your next career move should be? You are not alone. Whether you need a CV check, HR connections across to land your next job or general advice from someone who has seen it before. Get in touch.

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