Marie Richter
HR Consulting

Hi there!

I am an HR Consultant based in Berlin.
I work with start- and scaleups of all sizes, funding stages and industries.

I am available for hourly-based HR advice and project work.

My focus areas are

🍦 People Operations
🍦 Compensation & Benefits
🍦 Performance Management & People Development
🍦 Goal Management through OKRs

I have helped companies like Zalando, TIER Mobility, Gorillas, Flink, DoorDash, and Contentful and many more find answers to strategic HR questions and set up scalable HR solutions. 🤍

🎓  Before consulting, I worked at Google, SoundCloud and Billie and got a Bachelors degree in Psychology from University College London and a Masters degree in International Management from the London School of Economics.

Email me at!

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