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Meet Marie Richter,
Your Next Fractional Head of HR

✅  Plan for the bigger picture with HR strategy consulting

✅  Reduce day-to-day hassle with operational best practice setup & admin support

✅  Enable and coach team members through Marie’s interim team lead package


⚡ Only 1 out of 3 spots available - Sign up now to start in December

How does it work and what is included?

In my fractional CHRO work, I only work with a select number of clients at a given time. Below is a list of the three key areas you can book me for. Think about the area of the business that needs attention most, then click the button below and fill out the form to receive a proposal that has been customized to your needs.

HR Strategy Consulting & Project Work

Get instant expert HR advice and live feedback on any burning questions you may have, one-off or on a retainer. Commission project and in-depth research work and get project management support. You will have access to Marie's HR experience and her wide network of business and HR experts to stay on top of trends.

Process Streamlining & Operational Support

Build next-level tool and HR operations that scale for growth whilst keeping your HR team nimble. Get operational support in a timely manner and access to Marie's 10+ years of HR experience. Tap into Marie's wide network of tech solution partners to digitize HR and transform your organization.

Team Coaching & Interim Management

Get experienced HR leadership on board to get your team to the next level. Marie is experienced in building, developing and guiding HR teams and senior management to deliver results and uphold culture.

Marie can be reached by all members of the team anytime and will answer any queries in a timely matter.

Why go fractional? Benefits of hiring Marie

Instant Onboarding

Get started immediately & solve pressing issues with an expert by your side with minimal ramp-up time. Get support both in English and German. Book your face-to-face video consultation and share queries with Marie via Slack.

Control your Costs

I can work for a fixed monthly retainer and a standardized scope of work. This enables also early-stage startups and smaller organizations to access expert HR advice and industry best practices and trends without unnecessary overhead.

Expert Experience

Expert HR advice with over 10 years experience in the field. I have experience ranging from all company sizes, industries and growth phases and a highly connected network of thousands of business and HR experts in an outside of Europe.

Areas of expertise where Marie can help

Facing HR-related issues in one or more of the following areas? Marie has deep expertise in all these topics to come up with creative solutions and consistently add value to your organization.

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People Strategy

  • People-centric solutions that scale

  • Data-driven HR strategy and execution

  • Effective HR teams for hyper growth

  • Navigating operational focus and priorities

Fields of Gold

OKR Definition & Rollout

  • Team alignment across the company

  • Customized OKR methodology

  • Implementation support

  • Employee and manager training

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Performance Management

  • Expectation setting and performance reviews

  • 360 feedback and continuous feedback

  • Developing future competencies 

  • Recognition and retention


Employee Wellbeing

  • Data-drive decision-making

  • eNPS and other people analytics

  • Employee safety, health and wellness programs 

  • Diversity, equity & inclusion

Image by Luis Quintero

Organizational Growth

  • Attracting, retaining and motivating top talent in a competitive market

  • Workforce planning and hyper growth

  • Opening new offices internationally and in Germany

Image by Anthony Melone

People Operations

  • Digital and agile HR solutions

  • HR tools and processes 

  • People experience best practices

  • International labour law, payroll and compliance


Training & Development

  • People development, engagement and retention

  • Career tracks and development paths

  • Continuous learning and mentorship

  • Coaching and leadership training

Image by Oleg Guijinsky


  • Workforce planning and sourcing

  • Candidate pipeline management

  • Global HR solutions incl. Employer of Record

  • Employer branding and communications 

Yellow Wall

Total Rewards

  • Compensation, benefits and perks 

  • Pay policies, equal pay & pay transparency

  • Benchmarking and salary reviews

  • Job architecture, job design and salary bands

Image by Jason Leung

New Work & Culture

  • Change management, resilience & culture

  • Hybrid and remote work models

  • Work-life effectiveness

  • Flexible working and modern workspaces

Image by Deb

HR Tool Implementation

  • Tailored technology solutions

  • Tool selection support

  • Negotiation and implementation support

  • Employee communications and training

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HR Business Partnering

  • Employee relations management 

  • Manager support

  • HR handbooks and policies

  • Layoffs, organizational restructuring, and downsizing

Marie Richter

About the Consultant

Marie is an HR Expert and Consultant based in Berlin, Germany. She has been running her consulting business since 2019, advising both startup and scaleup clients on how to best design HR strategies and implement operational excellence. She supports as an interim HR lead or strategy consultant for select clients.

Before consulting, Marie worked at Google, SoundCloud and Billie and got a Bachelors degree in Psychology from University College London and a Masters degree in International Management from the London School of Economics. 🎓 

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Questions? Read all about it here!

What payment methods do you accept?

For now, it's Invoice only.

Can I have a short call with Marie to figure out if this is right for me?

You bet! Please book a intro call through my Calendly.

Do you have custom prizing in case I need a smaller / bigger scope of work?

Sure thing, just reach out and we will make it work!

Do you support international clients?

Yes. Let me know what timezone you are located in.

Why are you doing this?

Because I want to help startups and scaleups of all sizes, industries, and growth phases who don't want to commit to a full time head of HR to have access to expert HR knowledge.

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